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Therapy Done Right is a private psychotherapy and coaching practice that specializes in helping busy, smart, success-oriented people who strive to have it all, but have overworked and overcommitted in the process. Career/Job burnout makes you emotionally exhausted, feeling cynical about your life and lacking in accomplishment. Stress can take the joy and fun out of life, and can damage your physical and emotional health, as well as your confidence and your relationships. Being overwhelmed can leave you feeling helpless and hurried.

The good news is that you can learn to restore a healthy balance. You can enjoy your life while accomplishing your important goals. You can get your life back on track.

Therapy Done Right is built on the belief that effective and successful therapy and coaching with very busy people starts with having the right support for you, at the right location for you, and at the right time in your schedule.

The Right Support

Choose the type of support you need

Individual Therapy

To manage stress, overwhelm, and burnout, along with other important and urgent matters you’re dealing with.

Marriage/Couples Counseling

To help you and your partner re-ignite the love, connection, trust, and fun in your intimate relationship.

Personal Life Coaching

Effective coaching to help you achieve your career and personal goals in a way that energizes and enriches your life.

The Right Location
Where would you like to meet?

In Person

Meet at our beautiful office in the westside of Los Angeles.


Online Video

Meet from the convenience of your office or home via secure online video.


In Nature

Meet at the beach or for a local hike (“walk and talk” sessions).


The Right Time

We do our very best to ensure that you get a day and time that best fits your busy schedule. By providing sessions via secure online video that offer the same high-quality service as meeting in person, we maximize the available session times in which we can meet. We are currently developing additional ways for you to schedule sessions as you need them.

Meet Dr. Henry Ortiz

Founder, Psychologist and Life CoachCA License: PSY19605

Since 1998, I’ve been fascinated with the stories that my clients share and the journeys that they allow me to take with them. I see people who have worked so hard to create a good life, yet find themselves feeling emotionally and physically exhausted, burnt out, overworked, and aren’t having the happiness and fulfillment they want. They are ready to free themselves from the tyranny of overworking and overcommitting. They are ready to develop peak performance and balance in their lives.

I love working with my clients because I can relate to wanting it all, and ending up feeling burnt out. And I can relate to being on a journey of becoming free, and creating the life that my clients most want for themselves. Many years ago, I left my own successful technology company because I had finally achieved my dream of financial success, yet I still found myself feeling exhausted, unhappy and overworked. Money and external success didn’t bring me real happiness. So, I began to re-design my life, which led me back to university to research what does bring us happiness, connection, and well-being.

Since then, I’ve found my own happiness and success, and I’ve developed my own style of helping others to move through burnout and create lives that they love as well. If you’re ready to start your own new path in life, I look forward to your call. I see clients online, in my office in Santa Monica, and out in nature.

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Getting started is easy

It really is. Simply schedule a time that works for you in our calendar, and Dr. Ortiz will call you at that time. He will ask you specific questions about what you’re going through now, and where you want your life to go to next. You will discuss how he can best support you in facing your roadblocks and achieving the goals, success, and the happiness you want in life.

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Henry “Enrique” Ortiz, Psy.D.

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